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MERIT Cyber Security Group

   Dr. Rocky Termanini Bio

Dr. Rocky Termanini is the CEO of MERIT Cyber Security, located in Walnut California He brings 46 years of cross-industry experience at national and international levels. Dr. Termanini is a certified electrical Engineer for the state of California, member of IEEE (1966), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and member of the American College of Forensic Examiners.

Forty six years of experience in IT consulting and management of mission-critical projects at the global level.  He has worked with several prominent companies, including the Big 5 management-consulting firms. Expertise includes: 

Design of Cognitive Artificial Intelligent Systems:  Early-Warning Predictive systems against suicide bombers, massive cyber-attacks, and predicting school plagiarism.

Design of Predictive Systems to forecast massive cyber terrorism attacks on US critical infrastructures.

Dr. Termanini is a senior advisor to Federal Law Enforcement agencies on Cyber-terrorism and global malware. He was on assignment in the UAE to teach cyber security and First Response against Cyber Terrorism, Digital Forensics and Ethical Hacking. Dr. Termanini authored several cyber security articles in Dubai's Gulf News Paper.

Dr. Termanini also managed the security component on the e-Government project for the Saudi Ministry of Interior.
Dr. Termanini has extensive experience in Artificial Intelligence, Simulation and Modeling, and Cognitive Systems. Some of the pioneering projects that were prototyped the US and overseas were: Early-Warning Predictive Systems, The Smart Vaccine, The Electronic Pearl Harbor, Cognitive Early-Warning Plagiarism System, Longitudinal Medical Equipment Record , Modeling First Response of the Suicide Bomber.

Professor Termanini's teaching experience spans over 40 years. He taught Information Systems courses at Connecticut State University, Quinnipiac University, University of Bahrain, University College of Bahrain, Abu Dhabi University, and Zayed University in Dubai. Dr. Termanini is presently working on his new book titled "Academia (4.0), The University of the Future" in collaboration with selected visionary students and young graduates. The Book is due September 2013.

Educational and Motivational Corporate Training:  mentoring and educating Senior management on Business Intelligence, Organizational Behavior, Business Writing,  e-mail protocol and Information confidentiality,  Setting up motivational workshops, seminars and training programs related to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Stress Management.

Formal Academic Teaching:  Over 40 years of formal teaching in Management, Computer Science, Strategic Planning and Strategic Thinking, Cyber Security and Forensics, and  in addition to specialized workshops.  Heading student technology clubs on campus. Management Strategic planning courses.

Publications: Dr. Termanini is the author of several technical articles and presentations

        “The ED of the Future” a paper presented at the American College for Emergency Physicians (ACEP) convention in Chicago 1995.

         "Establishing a Digital Forensics Investigative Center on the Cloud" article published in eForensics-Magazine 3-2013

         "Prediction of suicide bombing scenario in Newark NJ" a technical paper presented NJIT/DHS in June 2010 

       “Linking Technology to Enterprise Profitability” a paper presented at the world Symposium of Ecommerce in Cairo 2001.    http://www.ebd-con.com/Live_session.html

        “The Longitudinal Equipment Record (LER)” a paper for the Advance for Health Information Executives magazine, December 2002.  www.advanceforioa.com/common/editorialsearch/searchresult.aspx?CC=8474&AD=3/3/2003

        “The Smart Vaccine and the Cognitive Early Warning Predictive System (CEWPS)” a paper and presentation to the Society of America Military Engineers, May 2004, Monmouth NJ.

        A paper in @Health magazine on Medical equipment Reliability "National Registry of the Longitudinal Equipment record"


       "Technology is a double-edge sword"; Published in Gulf News Dubai, UAE December 15 2008

       “The University of the Future, Academia 3.0” an article published in Gulf News, Dubai, UAE 2009


       “The University of the Future, Academia 4.0” working a book to re-engineer Academia, including campus, classroom, knowledge providers and learners…how to immerse technology into Academia and create a true knowledge-based virtual university.

Dr. Termanini holds a PhD in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence). His Master is in Operations Research, and his initial degree is in Electrical Engineering. He can be reached at rocky@termanini.com ; Mobile: (203) 252-0604

Specialties: Design of expert and intelligent systems to combat terrorism and cybercrime.