The Virus Rain


On June the 3d, 2011, The Northeastern region of the United States was hit by an unusual type of cyber attack, that is called “The Virus Rain”. The attack caught the region by surprise and hundreds of incident response teams scrambled to catch up with the attack.

Systematically and with a progression of 10 minute interval, the attack spread out very fast and hit the whole region like a hurricane bringing down the power grid, followed by the metro rail grid, Metro North, the banking cash outlets the ATMS, and the Telecom networks Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T. The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), estimate over 200,000 different types of viruses have been unleashed to paralyze the region.  Later, it was referred to as “The Virus rain” !  

The Virus Rain® is a fictitious massive cyber attack, but it may become reality soon.  All the technologies of the attack are present today; but more importantly, it will be fueled with anti-American sentiment. The Virus Rain® was designed, and launched from several remote stealth cyber launch pads. It hit the heart of New England with its payload of Remote-control viruses, mutating stealth-smart bombs, backdoor hemorrhoid zombies, and autonomic heart-attack, and kamikaze agents. It was like the four horsemen of Apocalypse, or the final battle of Armageddon. All this will be done on Internet!

The global malware market is maturing and is phenomenally open-ended, globalized, and virtually real. It is a sleeping giant ready to wake up anytime. There are 1500 virus supermarkets in the world, selling underground custom-made packaged attacks for different purposes.  In fact, some governments have already built their cyber war labs to fabricate their own cyber weapons.  The US is aware of such labs and has the capability to neutralize most attacks. The Pentagon plans to build several "cyber bunkers"  to counter attack such invasion. Most westernized nations have started to build defensive cyber bunkers, while other South East Asian countries have already built offensive cyber "launch pads" that will be used for cyber invasions.  The rest of the world, including the rich nations of the Gulf region, is way behind the curve, and has to count its blessings and pray hard. They have not been paying much attention to this new phenomenon. Eventually they will become victim of the modern information warfare.