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MERIT Cyber Security Group

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Our Mission and Objectives

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Brewing the right strategy...   MISSION AND OBJECTIVES
Infrastructure Security

Protecting the critical infrastructures is of paramount importance...We specialize in cyber security and we will develop a holistic plan to shield the mission-critical systems. We utilize the Cognitive Early Warning Predictive System (CEWPS) to deter and eliminate massive cyber attacks. Ask for the CEWPS paper.

Cyber Terrorism
   is the big cohune of malware. Terrorists have a love affair with Devil to disrupt our social order, and damage our critical infrastructures, and try to get away with it in the name of religion or political radicalism. We know the psychology of the terrorists and the way they think...We know how to recognize their identity, how to predict their attack, and how catch them with their hands in the cookie jar.
Cyber Crime
   is the little brother of Cyber Terrorism, but nonetheless, it has a great influence on our social fabric. We know how hackers think and move...We know how to track the evil act and even how to eradicate its impact.

We show companies how Information Technology (IT) can be linked to business success and profitability. We prepare companies to become IT-ready before embarking on expensive risky automation projects. There are two challenging issues: first, know your environment well. Second, know your surrounding technology well.

Technology-to-Business Integration  and IT Preparedness

Risky Information Technology should NOT be deployed.  What? ...Well, you need to know how much risk is involved. We'll show you how to assess risk.  We have developed metrics to evaluate the information intensity of you business environment, and to tell you if you are under or over automated. Do you know what is Knowledge Management?  And Why is it crucial to Enterprise processing?  What do these new terms mean: Content Management, Content Delivery services, Information Ecology, Internet-Business, and Private Key Infrastructure. Ask for our White Papers

Technology Resource Provider

We understand our hectic Nano Technology and we need to tell you what we think is good and what is not-ready yet. We try to reinforce your automation endeavor by connecting you with the best "future-ready" technology companies. We want  to be your retaining technology advisor and offer our product-agnostic analysis and recommendation. 

Focus on  Client's Competitive Position and Financial Situation

We believe that competitive advantage comes from management's strategic vision, innovation, and leadership. ICG enforces this strategic approach throughout its engagements to allow its clients to gain first-mover advantages and to achieve leadership recognition. We are a "Catalyst"  to help clients "prudently" invest in technology. 




Wireless Mobile Computing:  The darling of all physicians is to get the right record at the right time from anywhere!...IPad comes very handy...  
Online Medical Computing:  Doctor-to-Doctor; Doctor-to-Hospital; Hospital-to-Hospital medical records exchange! is a reality now!.
Medical Records Collection and Warehousing: Transforming paper-based records into electronic web-based retrieval systems,
The New Concept of Longitudinal Equipment Records (LER):  This is the credit report of medical devices and their past-history performance data available to  healthcare providers to minimize patient care risk.  Ask for our White Paper on this subject.
Integration of Legacy Systems and New technologies: providing the proper middleware to deliver transparency and timely information delivery.  
National Registry of Child Vaccination: Implementing a systematic vaccination plan for the children is mandatory requirement for the national Health initiative in any country.
  For further information, please contact us at rocky@termanini.com




We believe that Information Technology (IT), if planned and engineered right for your business environment, will "empower"  your company with a significant competitive edge and an array of tangible benefits.  To link IT  to your company's  profitability and productivity consider our specialists in the following hot technologies:

Cloud Computing and Knowledge Sharing

  Cloud computing is all the rage. "It's become the phrase du jour,"...Everybody knows about it enough to be dangerous...CISCO coined the term to mean the conglomeration of fast networks, computing facilities offered as a utility company. It saves hard dollars to customers who have messed up their data centers. Cloud Computing can be the best techno-economic option for those companies. MERIT knows the fine lines between success and failure. MERIT will anchor this elusive project with strict critical success factors (CSF) leading to success.    

Knowledge Management (KM)

  Knowledge Management is how to preserve the information assets of the company. If a company cannot preserve its intellectual assets, expertise and residual experience of its people, then it will NOT be able to compete and offer its value-added products to its customers.  KM requires the proper network infrastructure in order to share and save knowledge.  MERIT CyberSecurity will you blueprint your knowledge network.  

 Technology Assessment

  Outrageous statistics show that many companies do not have a good grip or calculate technology's cost or contribution.  Companies are desperately trying to keep MIS from going MIA.  New technology deployment does not guarantee profitability, but the lack of a good assessment of your information resources will lead to mismanagement and berserk IT budget. Every company needs a good IT fitness program.

Distributed Systems Connectivity with Smart Mediating Bridges


No system can remain an Island anymore. How can you benefit from new technologies such as Client/Server, CORBA, Object-Oriented systems, Datamarts, and JAVA servlets,...How we can build pipelines of information to offer steady flow of information to consumers and business workers. We understand Middleware technologies and we will build the right mediating systems to achieve a cohesive network of information systems.

Empowering Clients with Research Grants 
  The federal and state governments offer research grants to qualified applicants.  You can qualify for several Working with you to develop joint investment projects, consortia partnership, or/and ventures. This synergistic effort is becoming the trademark of the decade.