Academia(4.0), the new holistic architecture, the malaise of the young generation...Every student should read this book to learn more about the academic epidemic that is plaguing the world.


This  book (UOF) highlights two pivotal issues that involve the destiny of Academia. The first issue brings into focus the chronic problems that plagued Academia. The second issue describes the futuristic makeover of Academia and how it really becomes a driving force to roll out productive citizens ready to  serve their country.  Looking at how Dubai pushed the urban innovation envelop to the limit; it is likely that the first UOF will be launched here. Universities are becoming dinosaurs because teachers are not willing to adapt to the present. Universities have become prisons where students get incarcerated and squeezed into a very brittle curriculum. There are over 500,000 universities in the world and 25 million students enroll every year seeking knowledge that could help them get a career job with decent pay. Only 10% give their schools high marks. The rest of the students leave with a bitter taste in their mouth.

 The Book looks into the future to bring a new landscape with new model students. The present academia, on the contrary, focuses on routine programs with enriched junk education that has no mental protein which leads to mind obesity.

Educators at UOF will be called "knowledge givers" who are the true modern "Socrates" of Academia.  Students need to be motivated before they get educated. Students will be called "knowledge seekers". UOF will turn classes into "knowledge studios" where high level of synergism will take place between students and their educators. The focus in UOF is on Knowledge augmentation and NOT on grades. Great learners are the product of great educators. UOF Educators will be true dedicated human amplifier, and turn education into a memorable experience.

The Campus will be totally virtual. The tide is reversed; the school is will knock on the door of the students who will set their schedules while taking concurrent classes from anywhere.  Class lectures will be streamed from a central media center.  UOF will be administered through a cloud of real-time information arteries. Campus activities and class sessions will be monitored, to gauge educator performance and student learning progress. The campus will be energized with wireless electricity.

No student will fail at UOF. Everyone will graduate with honors. Students will make their own exam. The criteria for student performance will be totally revamped .Advanced Technologies will be immersed into the learning process.  This is where scientia meets academia.  All students will have a "Sub-dermal Assistive chip" as unique RFID identifier to connect them directly educators, to manage tuition payments, and track graduation plans.  The Assistive Chip will be initially programmed by the Administration to register students and store admission data, class schedules, tuition payments, parking, books checkout, and authorization to join classes.  Upon graduation, student laureates will earn a Certificate of Authenticity of Evidence of Work with guaranteed leadership positions in the workplace.

Classes will be equipped with Artificially Intelligent systems to allow virtual videoconferencing and team work. The Assistive Chips will track student movement, parking, class attendance and plagiarism-proof exam. There won't be any room for cheating.  Biomedicine will be an integral part of UOF. Artificial Intelligent systems will be used to accelerate knowledge augmentation, to enhance the biological intelligence and comprehension of all students.

To complement the Assistive Chip, students will be have a futuristic version of I Phone PC called "Academic Digital Companion (ADC), to video record all classes, to videoconference privately with their educators and advisors, to discuss projects with their educators, to work jointly with peers on assignments, to download books from any library. Students will be able to attend concurrently several class sessions.

The true value UOF will be in acquiring and experience and knowledge from Educators, who will focus on to get students ready for the real world.  Giving students diplomas is not relevant.  UOF will be an incredible human lab for students where they craft their own future. UOF will free students from four-year in barracks.    

In a world of knowledge economy, where competitive edge is directly tied to innovation, Academia has to kick itself in the rear and move forward.  The slumber is over.  Academia renaissance has been long overdue.