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Welcome to MERIT Cyber Security Group

Here's our portfolio of services

MERIT Cyber Security would like to be your partner and business ally in the Middle East.  MERIT Cyber Security has extensive knowledge and expertise in the Middle East. Knowing the language and the culture will leverage our successful delivery of services. We have worked in the UAE and in Bahrain and have established a center of excellence with the Government and universities.

Cyber Security with the help of Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence (AI): MERIT Cyber Security's middle name is security. We specialize in the design of expert and intelligent systems, we sometime refer to these systems as "autonomic" because they have the intelligence to think and take the right decision based on specific rules. We inject the experience and knowledge of domain experts into the knowledge base of the system in order to perform credible causal inference.


Digital Forensics and Reverse Engineering: Post mortem analysis is very essential to discovering and tracking cyber crime which seems to be ahead of the law. The FBI counts on domain experts like us to come up with new methods and solutions to trap cyber criminals and bring them to justice.


E-business Intelligence and Marketing Data: To get you the critical information in your hand in the right format at the right time. It's one of the reasons why forward-thinking companies are using e-business intelligence to gain a competitive edge in the Middle East.


E-government: To convert the body of government from paper-driven to a web-based citizen-centric dynamic environment.  Accessing Washington will be easy. Yahoo-like portals to offer a wide spectrum of 24/7 services and electronic payment at all time from home. This includes standardized electronic services, virtual town hall, submitting tax-returns, vote registration and ballots, digital certificates issuance for sensitive transactions. 


Financial Services and Banking: MERIT Cyber Security-ME works with global infrastructure and solution providers to deploy secure and trusted e-commerce transactions. Having an alliance with these technology companies will offer great business opportunities, while they will offer the best to clients in the region. It is a win-win situation.


Smart Card and e-payment Technologies: Smart cards are becoming an effective business enabling tool in banking, government and healthcare. MERIT Cyber Security will help you achieve the maximum benefit offered by Smart Card Technology providers such as VISA   www.visa.com/pd/smart/main.html. Postal Office and hospitals are launching e-payment service web sites. MERIT Cyber Security-ME will help your project by connecting you with the best vendors. 


Higher education and e-learning: Distance Learning: Assistance with strategy, design, and implementation of systems for delivering courses and content over the Internet. MERIT Cyber Security has developed a campus-wide authentication and authorization model based on PKI and Digital Certificates. A couple of major Egyptian universities are interested in implement ting the same UCLA model.


Healthcare: The Middle East is catching up with the rest of the Western world in Medicine, pharmaceutical and life sciences. New projects are being launched to improve the quality of healthcare providing and maintenance.  The secure transport of medical information as well as the access to authorized records by authenticated personnel will offer new opportunities for established IT solution providers. Among the most important projects are the Child Vaccination Registry, National Digital Forensics Center, The National Registry of the Medical Equipment.