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MERIT Cyber Security Group

Purpose:  The Following is a partial list of papers and presentations can be e-mailed to you by clicking on the appropriate link.

Please mention the paper number.

1 How to design a expert system
2 Predicting plagiarists in school... Injustice of teachers towards innocent thieves!
3 The Cognitive Early Warning Predictive System (CEWPS) paper
4 Crafting A Strategy For e-commerce  MKT-360 Class (10-3-2001) A PowerPoint Presentation
5 Modeling E-Business Site Productivity and Performance, paper number ICG-IT-1213
6 Information Systems Planning (ISP) : How to prudently deploy technology, paper number ICG-IT-960
7 Longitudinal Medical Equipment Record (LER) , paper number ICG-HC-12
8 Web Server Capacity and Performance Prediction, paper number ICG-IT-820
9 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), paper number ICG-SEC-90
10 Content Delivery Systems,  paper number ICG-IT-1200
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